The Corner Store is a not for profit Arts Center located one block from the historic
Eastern Market in Washington, DC.

The brick corner building was constructed with living quarters above the store in 1870. For close to a century it served the neighborhood as a market until boarded shut in 1968. Thirty three years later, new life came to the corner when the current artist owners moved in and

renovated the former store for use as a sculpture studio and gallery.

The Corner Store officially incorporated as a nonprofit arts center in 2002, where the work of actors, playwrights, musicians, filmmakers, artists, poets and chefs are regularly showcased.  Current Corner Store happenings are updated weekly on the Events page of this site.

We hope to see you here soon! Kris Swanson & Roy Mustelier


the corner store, our house
The Corner Store (9th and S Carolina Ave, SE, Washington, DC)
yume tree
The Yume Tree (12th and Penn. Ave, SE, Washington, DC)
the california grizzly and cubs
The California Grizzly by Kris Swanson (Colton Hall, Monterey, CA)

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